Medical alert company 2017: Medical Transport Companies

Medical alert company.

Medical transport companies provide patients and their families transport alternatives, with varying price ranges and ensuring a set medical standard.

US Department of Transportation Reminder has a toll free hotline for patients requiring medical transport. This has been operational since 2002. It is basically setup for educating the people about the availability of such a service. American air ambulance operates both, domestic and international, providing inter-facility medical transport of patients requiring various levels of assistance. It offers medical conveyance to adults and children who are ailing. They have specially trained staff in- flight. This includes nurses, paramedical personnel and doctors. They all provide the necessary support and medical care to the patients in flight. They have helped carry all kinds of patients from hikers left stranded to severely afflicted cancer patients. They literally carry out door-to-door service for patients, using aircraft fitted with equipment required.

There are patient transport services, which are a non-emergency transport section of the ambulance service. They help in transporting patients who are not critically ill but require transportation to a medical care unit. As a result, the ambulances are left free to cater to the needs of the severely ill. This service helps the patients to be relocated to the medical centers in a timely and practical manner.

Mayo health organization has transport service for ferrying their patients to the health centers and back home. Ameritrans is another medical transport company, which has trained staff and also ferry medical patients for a price.

There are various private, non-profit organizations that help people in a medical & financial anguish. They provide them with free air transportation on a private aircraft.

It is very important for the citizens to know about such amenities available for them. It helps them to use it in case of urgent need.

Thomas Morva