Medical Guardian Review: Personal Protection

A significant part of home safety involves protecting yourself and loved ones from emergency situations. For many of us, that means making sure we are taken care of in the event of a medical emergency. Whether it is for yourself, a family member or friend, a medical alert system can help offer peace of mind and security to those who are at risk of medical emergencies.


Medical Guardian is an industry leading home and personal alert system offering excellent service and a variety of packages to fit your lifestyle and needs.

A trained monitoring agent will quickly answer the call, speak with the elderly system user and get him or her the help that is needed. This could include calling an ambulance, emergency responders or family members. Should the elderly user be unable to speak, the standard protocol is for the agent to send for help.

The Medical Guardian home alert system costs $29.95 per month. This is billed quarterly for a total of $89.85 each quarter.
Customers paying on an annual basis can receive an extra month of service free. Incorporating this discount, the price averages out to $27.45 a month or sums to $329.45 a year.
At the time of this writing, the company is offering a free second button and service for a spouse or another user in the same household. If this is what you need, the offer here compares well with other companies that may tag on extra charges for the second button and/or service.

There are no long term contracts, activation fees or termination fees associated with this service. This compares well with Life Alert that have more stringent terms or set-up fees.
In addition, at the time of this writing, the company states that they are willing to provide refunds on unused months that have been prepaid. This is subject to a minimum of three months of initial fees that are non-refundable. When we ordered from Medical Guardian, the representative was clear in going through the requirement for a 90-day commitment.
When we cancelled the service and sent back the equipment, the company did issue us a refund. Refunds will only be processed upon receipt of the original equipment returned undamaged.


Equipment Overview
Medical Guardian’s line of products include a few different base station units and SOS help button models. To keep things clear, this section on equipment is a review of their standard in-home medical alert system that connects through a land line or internet/digital phone line. Further down, we do cover their other products such as the cellular-based and mobile units.
Standard Home Base Station Unit

Classic Guardian at-home medical alert
Medical Guardian’s traditional home alert system offers a reliable base station unit that is well-designed and easy-to-use. It’s main features include a large “emergency” button near the center of the unit and a sensitive speakerphone for two-way conversations. The unit meets UL listing standards, which is a well-regarded industry standard for quality equipment.

Emergency Help Buttons
For help buttons, users can choose between either a necklace pendant (pictured above) or bracelet. This lightweight necklace pendant that works with the traditional in-home base station stands out for its stylish and contemporary looking design.
Both the bracelet and necklace pendant is waterproof, which means they can be worn while showering or bathing. This is important as a lot of elderly falls occur in slippery bathroom environments.
Battery life for the button is approximately 3 to 5 years. There is no need to worry about changing out batteries all the time.



Phone Line Options
Medical Guardian’s traditional in-home medical alert system works best with traditional land telephone lines. The unit also works with certain brands of VoIP (voice over internet) or digital phone lines. The best way to find out if the product works with any particular brand of internet/digital phone service is to contact their support at toll free 1-800-311-6142.
With more and more users moving away from a home phone lines, Medical Guardian’s Home Guardian system allows seniors to use it even if they do not have a home phone line or own a cell phone. Through an independent self-contained wireless phone connection, the base station will connect senior users to the central monitoring center whenever emergency assistance is needed. See In-Home Cellular Emergency Alert System described below.

System installation is done through an easy set-up process. The process is simple, consisting of basic steps to connect the base station to a phone line and plugging it to a power source. To make it really easy for elderly users, Medical Guardian’s package comes with very clear instructions.

The maximum open air distance that wireless signals from the help button will still reach the base station (to place an emergency alert call) is 1300 feet. 1300 feet is a truly long distance that is more than sufficient for most homes. Besides the home itself, coverage will likely extend to peripheral areas like the front and backyards, and driveways.
Realistically, the actual working range of the system will vary depending on the layout of the home, physical obstacles and environmental interferences. For this reason, we recommend that users of the system test it out from various parts of the home to see that the system works according to expectations. This is especially so for areas where users are most likely to be while at home, or are most susceptible to falling.


For almost everyone, there is no practical need to have a 1300 feet range, nor is it meaningful. Home medical alert systems are meant for home use. If emergency help is dispatched, it will be sent to the user’s home address, not to where they have pressed the SOS button from.
Sometimes, users seek out systems with extremely long ranges so that it works “everywhere.” In that case, it is more likely that what is needed is not a home-based system, but rather a mobile medical alert system that can function both at home and when the senior is out and about. That’s where Medical Guardian’s mobile medical alert system comes in, and this is described below.

Monitoring Center

Medical Guardian provides elderly users with monitoring help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all through the year. The monitoring services are provided through a highly qualified US-based monitoring call center. The call center operators are trained to handle 911 type emergency calls. That means that they are trained to interface well with system users and dispatch help in professional and effective manner.
In addition, the call monitoring center meets some of the most coveted industry certifications. It meets UL listing standards, a widely recognized industry standard. The monitoring center is also CSAA Five Diamond and Department of Defense certified.

In case of power outages, the standard in-home base station unit will maintain power for up to another 32 hours. Having a long backup battery is important to ensure that the system will continue to function despite a power outage.

Besides the standard Medical Guardian product that connects through a regular land or VoIP/digital phone line, the company also offers an in-home cellular emergency alert system console that works by establishing emergency call connections through a wireless cellular line.
The wireless AT&T cellular connection is built into the base station unit of the in-home cellular emergency alert system. No land line or additional subscription for a cell phone line is needed.
The pricing of the cellular based system is $34.95 a month, or $5 above the standard system. It works just like the standard system, except for the phone network connection. Users can choose to wear a pendant or bracelet for their SOS help button, and even upgrade to an auto fall detection button. When an emergency happens, users can press the help button and they will be connected with a monitoring center agent who can assist them.

Users can upgrade the in-home cellular emergency alert system to include an automatic FallAlert™ fall detection button. It costs an extra $10 a month to use this technology.
With these buttons, alert calls are made not only when the button is manually pressed, but also when a fall has been detected. Automatic fall detection is an excellent concept, as sometimes users may fall and lose consciousness or the capability to press the help button. However, no system is perfect in detecting all falls automatically, and it could also bring about false alarms and more hassle for users. See this article for a fuller discussion of the pros and cons. Medical Guardian is confident that their FallAlert product offers a high level of detection accuracy, and limited instances of false alarms.
Every user’s situation and comfort level with the technology varies. There is no clear cut one size fits all answer. The great thing is users can test it out as an option and decide.

The Mobile Guardian emergency alert system offers protection for users both in and out of their homes, when they are out and about taking a walk or shopping. The base station set-up consists of a cradle that connects to a power source and a portable unit that can be lifted off and taken around. This is illustrated in the picture above.
At home, the system works similarly to Medical Guardian’s in-home cellular based system. Elderly users are given the choice of either a waterproof lightweight pendant or bracelet that they can press to activate an emergency call. Emergency calls are routed through AT&T’s wireless cellular network. No separate cell-phone line subscription is needed.

When users leave their home, they take the portable unit (pictured above) with them. The portable unit is about the size of a deck of cards and comes with an emergency call activation button. It also incorporates GPS tracking capabilities, so that information about the user’s location is transmitted to emergency call monitoring agents.
This Mobile Guardian emergency alert system costs $39.95 a month. For $5 a month more than the home-only cellular based system, users can access both in and out of home protection. More details about the system can be obtained by calling Medical Guardian at 1-800-311-6142. You may also want to check out our full Medical Guardian Mobile Alert System With GPS Review.

Premium Guardian is Medical Guardian’s high end product option. It is a mobile pendant device that can be worn both in and out of the home. What differentiates it from the Mobile Guardian system above is that the equipment comes in the form of a single necklace pendant with its own embedded speaker and microphone. It does not come as a separate speaker unit paired with a help button pendant.
Having a speaker and microphone right on the pendant itself makes it easier to listen to and speak with monitoring center operators in case of emergencies. However, it also makes for a more bulky pendant. Senior users would need to remember to keep the unit recharged and ready for use, even when the use of the unit is limited to their homes.

Bay Alarm Medical Alert System Reviews

Bay Alarm Medical has been family owned and operated since 1946. We’ve had our eye on them for some time, and have appreciated our interaction with Bay Alarm’s staff over the past few years (answering questions, etc.). Bay Alarm Medical has options for both traditional in-home medical alert systems as well as the more mobile cellular options.

Bay Alarm Medical provides you with everything you need to care for your loved one at a price that won’t break the bank. This family-owned business draws on six decades of experience to provide your family members with top-notch, reliable medical alert systems that provide immediate assistance in the case of an emergency.For the elderly and those who live with disabilities, the thought of being alone and having a medical emergency weighs heavily on the mind. The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System offers peace of mind for such individuals. This medical alert system boasts a 1,000-foot range. It comes as a waterproof necklace or wristband. This medical alert system is easy to install and has a backup battery in case your power goes out.Bay Alarm Medical is the ideal medical monitoring system because of the balance it strikes between good features and good value. It has everything you need to care for a loved one but doesn’t include unnecessary extras. The company has invested in the things that really count – easy installation, great equipment, fair payment terms and excellent customer care in practically any language at any time of the day or night.Bay Alarm Medical can provide assistance to your loved one 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the touch of one button. That’s what all of the medical alert systems in our lineup do, but this company stands out by putting the customer first in so many ways – including no-hassle pricing, the best combination of hardware and fast, courteous service in 170 languages.


bay-alarm-medical-alert-system-review-by-reviewsbee-2-638 bay-alarm-medical-automatic-fall-detection

The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System

  • Name:  Bay Alarm Medical Alert System
  • Website Info:
  • Auto Fall Detection? :  yes
  • Equipment Cost:  $0
  • Monthly Cost:  $27.00 per month (based on every 3 month billing)
  • Cancellation Policy: No Fees, Cancel at Anytime
  • Features:  Waterproof Pendant, Wireless, 24/7 Monitoring, 32 hour back-up battery for base station (in case of power failure), up to 1,000 feet range (pendant to base station).

Product Review: Bay Alarm Medical Alert System


The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System is a great option if you’re looking for a traditional medical alert protection. Bay Alarm has been in business since 1946, and so far we’ve been impressed with staff’s responsiveness to questions and the like.  Since customer service is a big deal to The Senior List team, this speaks volumes.  Bay Alarm offers in-home medical alert system options as well as cellular mobile options.  The in-home medical alert system is offered for use with a traditional land line, OR a cellular style base station option (if you don’t have a land line in the home).  Bay Alarm also has a mobile hand held alert system with GPS for those that wish to leave the home environment.


If the pendant battery should start to run out, the pendant will send a signal to the base station.  This will prompt the base station to contact the call center, and a new pendant will be sent out immediately (free of charge).  The pendant battery is rated at 5 years, so this is an infrequent occurrence.

The Bottom Line: Bay Alarm Medical

We’re recommending the Bay Alarm Medical Alert System because it satisfies many of our top criteria for medical alert system providers.  They offer short-term agreements, there is no equipment to buy, their staff is attentive, the pendant is waterproof, the in-home range is as good as it gets, it’s easy to install, and if that wasn’t enough they offer free monitoring for a second pendant purchase (for spouse or roommate).  We also like the fact that there are a number of positive Bay Alarm Medical Alert System Reviews available which gives us confidence in recommending them strongly.

LifeFone Medical Alert System and Medical Alarm

LifeFone has been in business for 40 years. They now offer five distinct medical alert systems, three are for in home use, the other two can function anywhere.  Of LifeFone’s three in-home systems, one works over landline and two utilize the company’s cellular service with AT&T (the cellular packages come with or without fall protection).  The last two systems are LifeFone’s “At Home and On the Go” services. They use mobile emergency GPS technology that functions anywhere within the US. LifeFone also offers mobile apps for individuals who don’t want to carry an emergency response device, and families who wish to monitor their loved one.

The cellular enabled system, which allows seniors to have an alert system without a landline in their home, is among our top picks for medical alert systems.


Our Consumer Friendly Policies Apply to All LifeFone Services:

  • Cancel At Any Time & Pay Only For The Time You’ve Used
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Equipment Fees
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Subscriber Price Guarantee
  • Lifetime Subscriber Equipment Guarantee
  • Unlimited Emergency Contact Notifications
  • Spouses Protected For Free With Basic Service.
    Just $5-10 More Per Month To Add Automatic Fall Detection.


life-fone-medical-alert-system-review-by-reviewsbee-3-638 life-fone-medical-alert-system-review-by-reviewsbee-7-638

Descriptive Highlights:

  • Superior Choice of Equipment and Service Options
  • Consumer Friendly Policies
  • At Home range up to 1,500 ft.
  • Starting at $24.95 month


Company Overview: LifeFone has provided monitoring services since 1976. The company’s emergency pendants and consoles provide one of the longest ranges among medical monitoring services. Its customer protective policies, thorough care plans and excellent customer service have earned this company an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


This medical alert company offers you a thorough medical monitoring service and a complete range of emergency response services to meet different needs. It offers a solid emergency contact plan in place upon activation of the service. Its call center operators are receptive and courteous, and are based in the U.S. LifeFone’s emergency care plan includes a personalized profile with medical history, medications, allergies, physicians, family members, neighbors and preferred hospitals. Updating the profile is easy, and can be done at any time.


A Complete Range of Products and Services:


Personal Emergency Response Services. LifeFone offers emergency response services that work at home, either with or without a telephone landline. They also offer emergency response service that works away from home. Fall detection is available both at home and away from home. It works with AT&T’s 3G cellular network, using LifeFone’s cellular service, not yours. (See the comparison chart on the following page).


Systems Quality – Based on competitive reviews, LifeFone offers a superior range of product options as well as high quality equipment in each category. LifeFone has based its product offerings on focus group research with prospective subscribers and caregivers as well as with existing customers. (NOTE: Equipment that failed LifeFone’s internal and consumer-based quality assurance review is currently offered by several providers that some review sites, including Reviewster, rate highly).


Caregiver Tools: Having an emergency response service ensures that you or a loved one can get needed help in an emergency. LifeFone can also help you with some of the more routine but important aspects of daily living to ensure your well-being. They offer the following caregiver tools:


  • Activity Assurance – Subscribers check in with LifeFone daily using their base unit.
  • Daily Check-in Call – A LifeFone customer care agent makes daily, outbound calls to the subscriber.
  • Medication Reminders – Tells subscriber what medication(s) to take and when to take it.
  • Location Service – Indicates location of the subscriber’s LifeFone mobile device as needed.

Mobile Apps: LifeFone now offers personal and family protection through mobile apps that work with any smartphone. There is no equipment to buy, only an app to download and affordable monthly service fees.

For Individuals: If you are ever confronted with a threatening situation, LifeFone’s Mobile Alert™ app is intuitive and easy to use, and ready to provide immediate assistance.   It connects you to the LifeFone call center, where professional call center operators are standing by 24/7, ready to assist you. You don’t have to carry a separate device; it works as an app on any Android or iPhone. Using your cell phone coordinates, we can quickly identify your location (more accurately than 911). Coverage is nationwide with two-way audio.


For Families: LifeFone’s Family Guard™ app gives you all the benefits of LifeFone’s Mobile Alert – a personal panic button on your cell phone – plus it lets you monitor real-time locations for up to three family members. It provides added peace of mind by giving you location tracking and arrival alerts for your loved ones. It’s user-configurable and protects your privacy, giving you control and peace of mind. Panic buttons can be added for the family members of whom you are keeping track.


LifeFone Emergency Response Systems


Below is an at-a-glance comparison of features, pricing and polices for LifeFone’s equipment- based services.

 Feature At-Home Landline At-Home No Landline At Home Fall Detection At Home & Mobile At Home & Mobile with Fall Detection
Where it works At Home At Home At Home Anywhere in U.S. Anywhere in U.S.
Fall Detection No No Yes No Yes
Range Up to 480 ft. from base unit; up to 1,500 ft. with extension. Up to 600 ft. from base unit. Up to 600 ft. from base unit. Up to 600 ft. from base unit; up to 350 ft. from mobile unit. Up to 600 ft. from base unit; up to 350 ft. from mobile unit.
Base Unit Battery Life up to: 32 hours 60 hours 30 hours Base unit 30 hours; mobile unit 24 hrs., and it works while charging Base unit 30 hours; mobile unit 24 hrs., and it works while charging
Waterproof Pendant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landline Required Yes No No No No
Easy to Install Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temp. Sensor No No Yes Yes Yes
Customized Emergency Care Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supervised Battery Yes. Both pendant and base unit. Yes. Both pendant and base unit. Yes. Both pendant and base unit. Yes. Pendant, base unit and mobile unit. Yes. Pendant, base unit and mobile unit.
Portable Use in any residence with landline. Just call first. Use in any residence with AT&T 3G service. Just call first. Use in any residence with AT&T 3G service. Just call first. Moves with you. We locate you with GPS. Moves with you. We locate you with GPS.
Free for Spouse Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Activation or equipment Fees None None None None None
Lifetime Price Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime Equipment Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
30-day free trial* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cancel any time.Prepaid, unused amounts refunded with equipment return. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly PriceBy Billing OptionNote: Sales tax applies in CT, FL, NJ and NY*Free Shipping $24.95/mo. annually*$27.95/mo. quarterly$29.95/mo. annually $32.95/mo. annually*$34.95/mo. quarterly;$37.95/mo. annually $38.95/mo. annually*$41.95/mo. quarterly*$43.95 monthly $36.95/mo. annually*$39.95/mo. quarterly*(w/ free ship & free 2ndpendant)$36.95 monthly $44.95/mo. annually$49.95/mo. quarterly (w/ free 2ndpendant).$49.95 monthly

Accessories: LifeFone provides a comprehensive suite of accessories designed for added convenience and safety. These accessories include lock boxes that are placed either around the doorknob or are wall mounted. These lock boxes avoid damage to your door when emergency responders need to enter your home. Other accessories include surge protectors (specifically designed for medical alert systems), DSL filters, beaded lanyards for those who want a more decorative option, and car chargers for the on-the-go systems.


Customer Protective Policies

Everything LifeFone does is designed to give their subscribers and their caregivers “peace of mind.” For LifeFone, peace of mind includes not only physical safety, but also financial safety. Many customers see these policies as a reason to choose LifeFone. They are:


  • Cancel at any time and pay only for the time used (LifeFone calculates your refund based on the date when we receive the returned equipment).
  • 30-day money back guarantee (if you cancel in the first 30 days, LifeFone gives you a complete refund of monitoring fees, but you will pay for shipping).
  • Lifetime Subscriber Price Guarantee – once you subscribe, your price will never increase.
  • Lifetime Subscriber Equipment Guarantee
  • Unlimited Emergency Contact Notifications

Along with LifeFone’s attractive and highly competitive cancellation policy comes the ability of a subscriber to upgrade or downgrade service with no penalty. The subscriber’s rate is simply adjusted to reflect that of the new service. If a subscriber has prepaid the previous service, that prepayment can be refunded or applied to the new service as appropriate.


Transparency – LifeFone believes that transparency is essential to earning trust. They are in the business of saving lives. LifeFone states all the information about it’s products, pricing and policies clearly on its website to enable prospective customers to make an informed decision. They ask for no personal information in return. LifeFone’s transparency compares very favorably with too many PERS providers that require personal information or force a prospect to call them before that provider will send a brochure, provide pricing or give other important product and policy details.


No hassle sales approach – PERS providers have earned a bad reputation for their industry by harassing prospects with aggressive follow-up, robocalling and the like. LifeFone’s approach is always consultative. Their sales representatives will only suggest a LifeFone service option based on the understanding they gain of a caller’s needs. Many LifeFone subscribers tell us that this approach was a deciding factor in choosing LifeFone.

Alert1 Medical Alert Services

The Alert 1 Medical Alert For Seniors

Alert 1 (formally known as AlertOne) provides an economical choice for traditional Medical Alert Systems.  With over 250,000 families having used the Alert 1 to date, it would seem that they have a lot of experience to draw from.  Alert 1 offers pendant necklace and wristband alert button (options) as well as extra room and hallway buttons.   In addition to the traditional medical alert system offered by Alert 1, they have added a Fall Detection and Cellular option to the list of products to choose from.

Alert 1 Fall Detection

The fall detection option from Alert 1 is a small comfortable pendant that boasts a two-year battery life span and is 100% waterproof.  The pendant works up to 600 feet from the base unit, so make sure to place the base unit in a central area that reaches all bathrooms and other high fall-risk areas.  A one-time activation fee of $35, monthly plans start at $30.95.



Alert 1 Mobile (Cellular) Option

The cellular option from Alert 1 is called the Kelsi; a mobile medical alarm that gets help with the push of a button anywhere in the U.S.  So, for those who are not home-bound, this discreet option requires no base station.  It also has a microphone and speaker to enable two-way communication and is waterproof.    The battery works for up to 2 months on a single charge, which is longer than other mobile options we have seen.  No equipment to purchase, the Kelsi has a one-time activation fee of $50 and monthly plans start at $35.95.


The Bottom Line: Alert 1

A good choice for traditional, fall detection, and cellular medical alert technology.  No equipment to purchase and no long-term contracts make this well established company someone to look at when making the choice of medical alert systems.


Home Medical Alert Features

Help Button & POM Base Unit

  • 100% shower safe help button for protection at all times
  • Industry leading location accuracy using the same systems as 911
  • POM unit connects to the Alert1 Command Center through your landline
  • 24 hour backup battery so you will be protected even if your power fails
  • Automatically performs a silent test every 28 days to ensure that everything is working properly
  • Your choice of button: wristband or necklace
  • Unlimited button pushes and talk time. Press your button anytime, even if you just want to talk to someone

Personalized Response

  • You choose who we call in an emergency, whether it be EMS, a neighbor, or a family member. We do so much more than just calling 911
  • We notify family members or caretakers with updates so that they are always kept in the loop

Industry Leading Monitoring

  • You are in great hands. Alert1 features two fully independent US-based Command Centers. Our CSAA certified operators are trained to be calm and reassuring in case of emergencies
  • Unlike other medical alert system companies, Alert1 stays on the line with you until we are 100% sure help arrives. You are never alone with Alert1
  • When you need help, Alert1 is there for you, 24/7

Protection In and Around the Home

  • The system has a coverage area of 600 feet – that’s more than two football fields!
  • Powerful microphone and speaker in the POM base unit allows you to talk to our Command Center to tell them what’s wrong


Simple Installation

  • Your medical alert system arrives preprogramed. All you need to do is plug the POM base unit into a phone jack and electrical outlet. Learn more on our medical alert system setup page.To make things easy, you will receive a one-page quick start guide, and our member care is available for any additional questions you may have.

– See more at:

Rescue Alert medical alert systems

Rescue Alert Medical Alert Systems – It’s About Your Independence

Personal emergency response systems allow you to live the independent lifestyle you want. Rescue Alert’s medical alert systems provide you and your loved ones peace. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to respond to emergency calls or answer any questions you may have about your medical alert system.


Rescue Alert’s medical alert bracelets and other medical alert systems help thousands of people regain the sense of independence they once enjoyed by providing the most comprehensive personal emergency response systems available. Rescue Alert’s emergency medical alarm service possess all the features of other popular systems on the market. However, our unique two-way speaker picks up sounds that others don’t, meaning that no matter where a subscriber is when the panic button is pressed, our operators will be able to communicate with you and send help quickly.

Senior alarms grant independence to those at risk for injuries and accidents, allowing many to continue living at home when they otherwise wouldn’t be able. Family and friends are also given the freedom to leave their loved one alone, with the reassurance that they will be contacted immediately if an incident occurs. Medical alerts offer a great sense of relief, providing a way for trained medical professionals to be notified of an incident at the click of a button.


Products and Services

Rescue Alert offers a couple of different products that help seniors lead an independent life. Their products and services are available across all 50 states of United States.

Standard Medical Alert System – The basic mechanism of the standard medical alert system is no different from other products in the market. The system comes with a base station that is connected to the traditional land phone line and a power outlet. The base unit has a prominent help button, a powerful speaker, and a sensitive microphone. Seniors can press the help button in case of an emergency. The base unit will establish two-way communication with the monitoring center and an agent will respond within 25 seconds. He will contact emergency services as per your needs and make sure you receive help within minutes. Seniors also get a necklace or a bracelet with the help button. They can wear the waterproof and stylish device at all times and use the button to contact the monitoring center if they are away from the base station during the emergency.

The call center is based in the United States. All the agents undergo extensive training and possess the Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certification like the 911 agents. Unlike some of its competitors, Rescue Alert requires all its employees to know CPR and recognize patient symptoms before ordering assistance. You receive the right help at the opportune time which can make a big difference. The monitoring center is open every day of the year and offers 24/7 monitoring and support which is comparable to most medical alert system providers. The call center also offers interpretation services in 150 different languages for the non-English speakers. This helps avoid miscommunication and everyone receives the help they require. The company has only one monitoring center with no back up. Other companies have more than one call centers.


The range for the base unit is 600 ft. This is ideal for small homes and apartments. While some competitors offer a range of 1,000 ft, others go as low as 250 ft. The system is a mid-range system and works well in most homes. We, however, recommend all consumers to test the equipment range before the final installation.

RA Minders Medication-Monitoring Service – The company also offers a medication monitoring service. Seniors can choose from two different options.

  1. The stand-alone version comes with a medication dispenser that allows you to place 28 days worth of medications in it. The system will beep at a pre-determined time and remind you to take the medication.
  2. You can also go for a medication alert system that offers monitoring. An agent will call you if you do not take the medication within 30 minutes of the designated time. The monitoring system is ideal for seniors who need some extra help. It also gives peace of mind to their loved ones.

911 Cell Phone – The company also offers a 911 Cell Phone service to seniors who do not possess a regular cell phone. The small device allows you to call 911 from anywhere with the press of a single button and connects through a regular cell phone provider.


Rescue Alert Cost and Contracts

The medical alert system costs $27.95 per month. As stated earlier, the company develops its own equipment and allows the user to buy the system upfront. The equipment costs $199 and allows you to save $9 to 17 on your monthly bill, depending on your package. If you plan to stay with Rescue Alert for a long time, this is your best option. You can add medical monitoring for an additional monthly fee. The 911 cell phone will set you back by $149. This is a little expensive but some seniors and their loved ones choose the product for the peace of mind it offers. It is important to choose the options carefully to receive the best package.

Unlike some competitors, they do not charge an activation fee. It delivers the equipment for free. There is no long-term contract. You get a refund for unused months for annual payments. However, it does charge a $25 cancellation fee if you choose to terminate the service.

Equipment Quality

Unlike other medical alert system companies, Rescue Alert makes its own equipment. All the products are of the highest quality. The company also invests significant proportion of its revenue on research and development of new products.

The base station is attractive and easy to use. The help button is easily accessible. Even seniors with vision problems can see it clearly. The speaker and the microphone are sensitive and powerful. Seniors can clearly communicate their emergency and hear the response agent properly. The bracelet and the necklace are attractive and functional as well. They are lightweight and waterproof. You can opt for a soft touch button if you do not like the traditional help button.

The base station has a back up battery life of 90 hours. This is higher than what most competitors offer. Seniors can rely on Rescue Alert during power outages. The necklace and bracelet also have high battery life. The company also provides automatic battery monitoring. The pendant will alert the monitoring center in case of low battery and the company will send you the replacement automatically.

Rescue Alert also offers automatic testing of its equipment. Unlike some medical alert system companies that want the users to test the system periodically, Rescue Alert equipment sends a test signal to the monitoring center once every 25 days. If the company does not receive a test signal in that time frame, a service agent will attempt to contact the senior three times to make sure the individual is in good health and the equipment is working well.


The base station of the Rescue Alert usually connects to a traditional land phone line. However, it is one of the few products that work with voice over Internet (VoIP) phones. This can be a big determining factor in today’s world as traditional phone lines are decreasing in number.

The company does not offer professional installation. However, it comes with a set of instructions that are easy to implement. Rescue Alert’s service representatives are always available via phone to help you with installation.

Unlike some other providers, Rescue Alert does not charge an installation or activation fees. It also offers a 30-day free trial. You can cancel the system if you do not like the service or the equipment.